Bonded Fillings in Stouffville

If you have cracked or chipped teeth, cavities, or decaying teeth, bonded fillings can help restore your teeth and bring a new sense of confidence to your smile. Bonded fillings can also be applied for patients that would like to reduce the gap between their teeth.


What are Bonded fillings?


Tooth bonding is a procedure where your Stouffville Dentist applies a composite resin to your teeth that repairs damage. This resin colour is chosen and made to match the colour of your tooth so that when the procedure is finished, your fillings are virtually indistinguishable from the tooth itself.


How it works


To start, your dentist will match the resin colour to your natural teeth. After that, a liquid is applied that allows the bonding agent to stick to the tooth, and the resin is then applied. Afterwards, the tooth is molded or shaped, before hardening the material with an ultraviolet light.


How it’s different 


Conventionally, tooth fillings were made out of amalgam. This meant that a visible silver or gold filling was applied to your teeth. Bonded fillings can be applied quicker, and match the colour of your teeth when finished. 


Why it’s important


Unrepaired decay in the teeth can depreciate the strength of enamel. This makes your teeth vulnerable to breakage and chipping, which can become a breeding ground for germs that cause gum disease. A bonded filling closes off a cavity, and acts as a shield that protects your teeth from the accumulation of germs, promoting long-term gum and teeth health.


Bonded fillings have grown in popularity in our Stouffville Dental Office due to their effectiveness, affordability, and ease of application. The procedure itself can be finished in less than an hour, and require very little preparation from our patients


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