Migraine Pain Prevention in Stouffville

Head pain or severe pulsing sensations can occur anywhere on the head but will often come from one side. For example, experiencing a migraine can make you immobile. Migraine pain prevention can help get you out of bed and back to a productive life.

If you have a stubborn migraine or tension headaches, experts in migraine pain prevention in Stouffville will treat your pain and help you prevent future problems.

How Is Dentistry Connected to Migraines?

From a dental perspective, the trigeminal nerve, usually the fifth among the 12 cranial nerves, is the root cause of migraines. It creates a sensation in your teeth, gums, face, and upper and lower lip. Since the trigeminal nerve connects to your brain and teeth, triggering a migraine with an existing dental condition makes sense.

How You Can Prevent Migraine Pain

The following tips will help prevent migraine:

  • Keep a food diary
  • Look for hormonal changes and learn how to coup with their effects
  • Avoid bright lights and loud sounds and noises
  • Utilize supplements
  • Keep a record of your headache pains to help in the diagnosis
  • Visit us for migraine pain prevention in Stouffville for a stabilization splint prescription

Understanding The Stabilization Splint

It is a bite guard ideal for people suffering from migraines. You can also use it if you want to protect your mouth surface while healing, suffer from tooth wear, or experience jaw muscle pain.

Modern stabilization splints cover your entire dental arch. They hold all the teeth together to prevent them from grinding on each other. These splints help with migraine pain prevention.

Find Out More About Migraine Pain Prevention in Stouffville

Though migraines can be a result of many things, a dental condition can cause it. If you often wake up with severe pain on one part of your head, book an appointment to discuss migraine pain prevention in Stouffville. If the cause is night teeth grinding, our dentists will help you out.